Saturday, 28 January 2017

Statistics from Interviews | Research | Adaption A | Year 2

From the interviews I have conducted, I tried to categorise each the of answers given. From this I thought that I would be able to see some clear patterns and from this, create some statistics to use in the infographic. 

These are the statistics that I put together for all 4 choices. From this, I was able to see that the Things Your Body Doesn't Tell You and Things Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You, produced results that were too broad and felt like they did not explore the subjects enough. To make either of these two ideas work, I would have to find a bigger target audience I could interview and with such a sort time to work on this project, that just wouldn't work.

I then took the two strongest responses - Things Your Teacher Doesn't Tell You and Things Your Parents Doesn't Tell you - and tried to find some common ground within them. I broke the answers down into 6 categories: your life, learning / life lessons, their life, lies, joke responses and truth. Both of them appear to be equal to a degree. I will have to write a vague script for both options but at this point, I feel that I should go with Things Your Parents Doesn't Tell You. This will allow me to go for a comedic/satirical approach.

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