Monday, 30 January 2017

Style, Colour & Font | Adaption A | Year 2

I want to take inspiration for the style of my 2 videos from some infographics that I watched during my research. The Power of Food Infographic and Infographic about Dare are 2 perfect examples of how I envision my work. 

They are simplified cartoon-like drawings that rely on colour. I don't really draw much like this so I think this would be the perfect opportunity to branch out with my art skills. These 2 videos have also shown me that more than one style of font is used throughout, confirming my earlier thoughts of combining a sleek, elegant font with a cursive or script-like font would be a great way to go. 

In regards to colour scheme, I’m thinking about having one video pastel colours and the others in bolder, brighter tones. I will try to look for complimentary colours but I think this would be a better way to distinguish between the 2 videos.

I have shown these 2 videos before but they feature in the screenshots above. 

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